Release notes for Loree A2102.4



21st May 2021



Issue fixed in Loree editor

Text and background color issue

As a Loree user, when I update the color or background color on text, it doesn’t have clear option to the applied color. Now, this issue has been resolved. You can clear the applied color.

Text option issue

As a Loree user, When I try to type words on the second line, it doesn’t move the cursor on single Enter. This issue is fixed and now on single enter, the cursor is moved to the next line.

List items issue

As a Loree user, When I add list items and apply styles to it, the styles are not applied properly and the styles are broken. This issue has been resolved now. Styles applied to the List items are applied as expected.

Also, while changing from ordered to unordered list and vise versa and on applying the clear format it didn’t clear any styles. This has been resolved now.

Border issue in Row

As a Loree user, When I add row blocks - the border property is not shown in the property toolbar. This issue is resolved now and the border property is displayed in the toolbar.

Custom blocks fetch issue on Admin dashboard

As a Loree user when I click on the custom blocks in the admin dashboard, custom templates, rows and elements are not fetched and loading for a long time. This issue has been resolved now.







Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy using Loree!!!