Release notes for Loree A2101.4



05th March 2021


Issue fixed in Loree editor

Page name mismatch inside the editor

As a user, When I use special characters for page name doesn’t display the special characters on Loree editor. Instead, it shows % for all the used special characters. This issue has been solved in this release. Now Inside the Loree editor, the special characters on page name are working as expected.

As a Loree Admin, When I pick a colour from a custom link the colour picker button colour was always set to default RGB(66, 68, 90) But the selected colour should be displayed in the color picker button and in the Preview section too. This issue has been resolved now.


Grid view in pages

As a user, I need to view the pages in both list view and in grid view. Previously we don’t have grid view. In this release, We have added a grid view for pages. Now we can view the pagelist in both the list and grid view.

Issue while saving and retrieving the template

As a Loree user, When I save templates it doesn’t fetch all the templates. Some of the saved templates were missing previously. This issue has been resolved in this release.

When the user, Copy and paste link contained text from an external source in the source-format block, by click on the link it doesn’t allow the users to perform any action on Loree and the Loree tool is not responsive. This issue has been resolved in this sprint. Now the users can edit the link in the source-format block.

Access issue in H5P

As a Loree H5P user, I am unable to access H5P services inside the Loree tool. Every time when a user opens H5P it shows the H5P login portal. Now it is fixed in this release.

Loree Interactives

Drag and Drop customization

Loree has enhanced the ‘Drag and Drop’ feature more for the best user experience. Loree has enhanced the Drop zone features like, now the dropzone is editable, deletable, have the background and opacity customization.

Edit and Delete feature for the Drop zone,

Drop zone customization in default,

Drop one customization when updated,

Tab - Bugfix

Earlier in Tab component of Loree interactive has a problem of when a tab component is placed inside a 2 col section inside Loree editor and has more than 4 tabs, the next button in the tab was not working as expected and now the issue has been fixed and showing the next button and tabs are visible for N number of tabs.

More tabs inside 2 col,





Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy using Loree!!!