Loree 2.0 Release Notes - Highlights

Release A2103.1 begins rolling out July 05, 2021

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Link issue
  • Unlink images on custom rows
  • Image upload issue
  • Span tag creation issue
  • Column responsiveness issue
  • Undo and Redo issue
  • Tool Frozen issue
  • Refreshing Global templates filter issue
  • Content selection issue

Migration content

  • Unlink images
  • Anchor Tag

Loree interactive

  • Image delete issue 

Release A2102.6 begins rolling out June 18, 2021

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Field validation on Rows, columns, and Elements
  • Rename issue
  • External links - open in new tab
  • Color picker on the table not working
  • Link text issue
  • Special characters issue in Links
  • Template fetch issue


  • Update template

Migration content

  • Font size
  • Images - Height and Width
  • Image Alignment
  • Video - Aspect ratio and alignment

Loree interactive

  • Responsive issues
  • MCQ component issues

Release A2102.5 begins rolling out June 4, 2021

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Border on text
  • Issues in Border width and color on the side panel
  • Issues in the Modules page
  • Custom blocks fetch in issue - Admin dashboard
  • Loree tool launch issue
  • List items issue
  • Text option issues in List items
  • Quick-links issue
  • Add template issue


  • Responsive issue - Hotspot and Drag & Drop interactives
  • Image slider issue

Release A2102.4 begins rolling out May 21, 2021

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Text and background color issue
  • Text option issue
  • List items issue
  • Border issue in Row
  • Custom blocks fetch issue on Admin dashboard

Release A2102.3 begins rolling out May 7, 2021

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Side navbar - elements
  • Rich text editor issue

  • Table element break issue

  • Template edit and update

  • Color Palette issue

  • Text link - remove

  • Quick links issue

  • 3-col enhancement

  • Adding rows in-between 2 existing rows

  • H5P org level

Loree interactive

  • Gateway issues- 502,504

  • Responsive issue -Hotspot component

Release A2102.2 begins rolling out April 23, 202

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • List component issue

  • Template Add and cancel button issue

  • Delete issue on migrated image content

  • Mapping Roles

  • Padding issue

  • Style issue - Bold/Italics

  • Custom element issue

  • Additional cells added - Table issue

  • Side panel - Automatic close issue

  • Image crop modal

  • Frontpage in Loree Modules page

  • Quick link - Replace alert

  • Image crop

  • Special block (icons + text)

Loree Interactives

  • 502, 503 Gateway issues

  • Search issues

  • Responsive issue - Drag and drop component

Release A2102.1 begins rolling out April 9, 202

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Bold issue on Loree editor

  • Duplicate name in images

  • Canvas image fetch issue

  • Performance improvement on images

  • UI fixes

Loree Interactives

  • Border issue fix

Release A2101.6 begins rolling out March 26, 202

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Alert for Permanent template/row/element delete
  • Assignments name are shown as "undefined" inside Loree Editor
  • Image modal - no results found

Release A2101.5 begins rolling out March 11, 202

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Template delete

  • Row delete

  • Element delete

  • Loree - Bad request issue

Loree - Admin dashboard

  • Welcome page - user name

  • UI changes - Expand/collapse sidebar

Loree Interactives

  • Hotspot interactives

Release A2101.4 begins rolling out March 5, 202

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Page name mismatch inside the editor

  • Custom link color issue in the admin dashboard

  • Grid view in pages
  • Issue while saving and retrieving the template
  • Link issue in source format block
  • Access issue in H5P

Loree Interactives

  • Drag and Drop customization
  • Tab - Bugfix

Release A2101.3 begins rolling out February 26, 202

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Loree Template Pages
  • Font Styles
  • Custom Blocks issue
  • Editor Fixes
  • Other Fixes
  • Accessibility Checker

Loree Interactives

  • Drag and Drop interactive

Release A2101.2 begins rolling out January 29, 2021

Loree editor

  • Loree help section
  • Image crop

Issue fixed in Loree editor

  • Style Manager issues
  • UI fixes and enhancements

Loree Interactives

  • Drag and Drop interactive

Release A2004.6 begins rolling out December 18, 2020

Loree Interactives

  • MCQ Customization enhancement
  • Loree Interactive duplication

Issues fixed in Loree editor

  • Save as template/block/elements
  • Source Format text issue
  • Converting text into the list item

Release A2004.5 begins rolling out December 04, 2020

  • Embed URL Block
  • Table Content customization

Loree Interactives

  • MCQ customization enhancement


  • H5P Content Management

Issues fixed in Loree editor

  • Accessibility checker Enhancements
  • UI consistency issue fixes
  • Fetching Canvas data into Loree editor issue fix
  • Source Format block issue fix
  • Un-link issue fix
  • Enhancements on Modals/alerts

Release A2004.4 begins rolling out November 23, 2020

  • H5P interactive Integration
  • Progress (Loader) icon while launching Loree
  • Icon + Heading + Text Block

Loree Admin Dashboard

  • Special blocks, H5P checkbox
  • Loree features management

Backend - Performance improvement

  • Performance improvement on Loree interactive API call

Issues fixed in Loree editor

  • Source Format block issues fixed
  • Unable to clear existing content once saved with Accessibility Checker
  • Delete interactive issue in My interactive page
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts (Bold & Italic)
  • Glitch issues and editor content issues
  • List issues fix
  • Header font size not updating on the editor
  • Container Block issues fix
  • Open sans Font not displayed on the editor
  • Issues fixed while fetching the existing content from Canvas
  • Wrap and make the content as responsive within an element section

Release  A2004.3 begins rolling out November 08, 2020

  • Accessibility checker
  • Container Block
  • Solved performance issues in the templates, custom rows and custom elements
  • Enhancements on the Copy and paste
  • Enhancements on the migration content
  • Interactive enhancements
  • Added google analytics for both Loree interactive and Loree editor
  • UI inconsistency on spacing in navigation menu, category dropdown, uploading bar, etc.
  • Unsharing of templates, custom rows and custom elements
  • Image cache performance fix
  • Performance improvement on Quicklink