Kaltura LTI 1.3 Integration inside Loree

Steps to do in the kaltura admin page:

Step: 1

Inorder to configure Kaltura LTI 1.3 inside the Loree, first you have to contact Kaltura team to get new sub-instance(if you already have Canvas Kaltura) to proceed integration with Third party application like Loree.

Note: Kaltura is specifically available for LMS’s like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, brightspace… For any thirdparty applications other than LMS, need to get another sub-domain which can be enabled only via Kaltura support.

Step: 2

Navigate to the parent kaltura account page ther you can see the Player option in the left menu. Click the link. It will navigate to page as per attached screenshot. Copy the PlayerID value.


Step: 3

Now, Navigate to the sub-instance kaltura account page. Replace the copied playerID to the sub-instance playerID value in three fields as per the attached screenshot.


Step: 4

In the kaltura admin page left menu, we have option Browse and Embed we have to replace the uiConfid with the copied playerID value.

How to configure kaltura as an External tool in Loree:

Step: 1

Launch Loree with Loree-admin access. Click on “Admin” button on the right top of the navigation bar.

Step: 2

Go to Configure.

Step 3: Click on the “External Tools' tab.

Step 4: Click on “Add External Tool”.

Step 5: Pick your Tool Type as “Kaltura” from dropdown and click on “Add”.

Step 6: A new section will be created to add your external tool details. Click on it to expand the section.

Step 7: Fill in the details given below and click on “Save”.

Note: Need to replace https://xxxxxxx-x.kaf.kaltura.com with our newly created subinstance url from kaltura. It will contains partner ID with -XX.

ToolName: Kaltura

Issuer Url: https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool/kaltura

OIDC Url: https://xxxxxxx-x.kaf.kaltura.com/hosted/index/oidc-init

RedirectUrl: https://xxxxxxx-x.kaf.kaltura.com/hosted/index/oauth2-launch

Target Link Url: https://xxxxxxx-x.kaf.kaltura.com/browseandembed/index/browseandembed

JWKS Url: https://xxxxxxx-x.kaf.kaltura.com/hosted/index/lti-advantage-key-set

Domain Name: https://xxxxxxx-x.kaf.kaltura.com

Note: xxxxxxx-x is refer the sub-domain of Kaltura.

Step: 8

Once you click the save button it will generate the Client ID, Client Secret, Deployment ID.

Note: Copy the client ID

Step: 9

To use Kaltura inside Loree editor, please make sure it’s enabled under Admin → Roles and Features → Advanced.

Steps to do with configure Loree to the kaltura account:

Step 1:

To add Loree in the kaltura LTI config page, we have to navigate to https://xxxxx-1.kaf.kaltura.com/admin/config/tab/hosted

Step 2:

Need to choose the lti1.3 version for auth method and we have to update the given fields.

Here you need to choose the lti1.3 version for auth method

For AUS region:
lti13PlatformOidcAuthUrl: https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool/authorize_redirect
lti13AuthTokenUrl: https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool/kaltura
lti13KeysUrl: https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool/jwks
lti13ClientId : Update the client ID from Step 8.

For US region:

lti13PlatformOidcAuthUrl: https://s1vplevcfc.execute-api.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/master/lti/tool/authorize_redirect
lti13AuthTokenUrl: https://s1vplevcfc.execute-api.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/master/lti/tool/kaltura
lti13KeysUrl: https://s1vplevcfc.execute-api.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/master/lti/tool/jwks
lti13ClientId : Update the client ID from Step 8.

Steps to test the kaltura integration

Step 1: Launch Loree Editor and click on “+(Add element)” inside a column.

Step 2: Click on “Video” element then click on “Kaltura” to launch the Kaltura LTI in the Loree editor.


Step 3: After the successful launch, you can embed Kaltura videos inside the Loree editor by clicking on “select” and “Embed”.



Currently we are supporting the video embed only.