Release notes for Loree A2103.3



3rd August 2021



Issue fixed in Loree editor

Embed URL responsive issue

In Loree, previously when the embed URL was used it has some additional styles which affect the height and width of the video. This issue has been fixed and now the embedded video will be responsive on all the screens.

Font family issue

In Loree, when I select a text and change font-family it works well, also when I select the whole paragraph which has the previous font changes and applies a new font family for that, the new changes were not reflected and previously applied font-family were not removed. This issue has been fixed now.

Migration content

List items issue

As a Loree 2.0 user, when I edit a list item created in 1.0 can’t apply text styles, and deleting a single list item is removing the entire list. This issue has been resolved now. List items from 1.0 can be edited without any issues in Loree 2.0.

Text in <div> not editable issue

  • When the user adding paragraphs/text inside the <div> tag and save the page in Loree 1.0, it is not editable and no text options are shown in Loree 2.0. This has been fixed and now the div tags are editable in Loree 2.0.

  • Also when the user applies width for the div element in v1, it is not customizable in v2. This issue has been fixed now.

Row column issue

  • When the row/column is saved from Loree 1.0 and when opened in Loree 2.0 more spaces were added and the row/column structure was changed. This issue has been fixed now.

  • When 1col, 2col, 3col, 4col were added in Loree 1.0 and when I open it in Loree 2.0 then the all the contents are wrapped into a single row and column. This issue has been fixed now.

Loree interactive

Video slider - image aspect ratio

In Loree interactive image/video slider, the images aspect ratio was not maintained and when the user adds a small image it becomes stretched inside the slider. This issue has been resolved and now whenever the user adds any image the aspect ratio was maintained and the other spaces in the slider were filled with the background color. To set background color we have an option in customize → Image/Video Background → choose the preferred background color.

Drag and drop component enhancement

In Loree interactive drag and drop component, the style of the check answer button is customizable. We can customize background color, alignment, font size and type of the button. To customize, click customize and there under button you can find all the customization options.





Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy using Loree!!!