Release notes for Loree - Canvas A2202.7




05th May 2022



As a Loree usaer, When we click on any text in the editor we get text editing options. When we try to link the text with an external link we get a window where we can type the link. But as soon as we type anything in the box it automatically gets closed and does not allow us to type anything.

This issue is now resolved, Now when we are able to type the external link in the box.


Color Picker Issue in The Admin Dashboard

As a Loree admin, When we click on the admin dashboard → Style manager → under custom color accordion we see an unwanted name as stylemanager.addedcolor.

This issue is now corrected and now we don’t see any unwanted names there.

Responsive Issues with Accessibility Checker

As Loree user, When we have any Accessibility issues on the created page it reflects on the Accessibility Checker button on Loree Editor.

And when we click on the Accessibility Checker button to check for the accessibility issues on the page we are not now able to check the complete details of the page as the page stops scrolling at a particular point and we are not able to see the details below and we are also not able to see the Quick fix and recheck option on Vertical Accessibility Checker window.

This issue is now resolved in the Vertical Accessibility Checker window, Now we can view the complete Accessibility issues on the Accessibility Checker window and also get the Quick Fix andn recheck option on the same.


Thank you!!!