Release notes for Loree A2103.5



1st September 2021



Issue fixed in Loree editor

Side panel issue

As a Loree user, When we update a colour for the border with width to the whole text in the column, then when we select the element on the side panel and check the border colour it shows white as default in the border colour box. This issue has been resolved, now when we click the element we see the actual colour of the box in the colour box.

UI inconsistency issues on Loree editor

As a Loree user, When we use Loree editor we found multiple errors in UI, the errors are as follows:
1) Alignment active state is not highlighted

2) Title content should not be 100%. But in the quiz, its occupied 100% of the width

3) The Grey toolbar is hidden always for top content.

4) The + and - icon left side it is less gap and shows more space on the right side - templates, rows, elements, overall tool

5) When adding a table the icons are displayed one on another.

All these UI issues that are mentioned above are resolved now.

Adding image issue

As a Loree user, When the user adds the image and clicks the back button then it displays the image section as clickable, then when the user enters the space keys in alt text then it displays add button is enabled. This issue is not resolved now when while adding an image if we don't upate any word or only update space add image button will be disabled. So now it will be mandatory to update some text in the alt text box or click Decorative image to add an image.


Edit and delete button for Templates/ Rows and Elements

As a Loree user, When we are working on a template/ row or an element we get an edit and delete option in the menu present in the side panel. This issue is now corrected. Now if we are working on a template/row or an element we will not get an option of edit and delete as we are already working on the same template/row or element.

Field validation on Create new module - should not allow only space

As a Loree user, When we are creating a new module we are able to create a new module with only space as a module name and when we create a module like that we get a message as module added successfully but when we refresh we don't find any new module. This issue is now fixed and now we cannot create a module with only space we have to give a name to the module to create it.

Alt Text field getting filled automatically

As a Loree user, When I add an image into Editor with valid Alt text, then when I try to add another image into the editor- the alternative text is auto-filled with the previous value. This issue has been resolved, now whenever we add an image Alt text box will be empty and we have to update it with valid text.

Migration content

Remove space from the left side of the video

As a Loree user, When we add a video and edit its dimensions there is a space added on the left side of the video and we don’t have the option to move the video to the extreme left. This issue has been resolved now.



Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy using Loree!!!