Release notes for Loree A2101.3



12th February 2021



Loree Template Pages

The Loree introduces new feature that will allow user to create a page with the existing templates they have under ‘My Templates’, ‘Global Templates' and 'Share Template’. User can create a page with the template by click on the Modules list addition.

Click on the '+' icon to get the new page from template feature,

Click the ‘New Page from Template’ option and click ‘Next’,

We have a ‘List view’ and ‘Grid view’ by clicking on the highlighted icons,

We can filter based on template types like My templates, Global and shared templates by the highlighted area here,

Select any template and click Next,

Type the new page name and click 'Add Item',

The Item will be added in the Modules list of Loree,

The added page inside the Loree editor,

Issue fixed in Loree editor

Font Styles

Issues fixed regarding the Font styles are,

  • The user want to customise all the list items text-options in a single selection instead of selecting individual list. So that the user can select the whole list items in a single click selection and applying text-options will apply the styles to over all list and also it will allow the users to select individual list items to customise.

  • When the user adding elements on page using Loree editor, it will fetch the Dashboard styles for paragraph and header. The above applicable only for newly creating elements.

    But the user have already added table element with Dashboard style and saved the table as custom Element. After some time, the paragraph and header styles were changed in Dashboard. Now, when the user accessing the custom elements table it’s not match with what they saved. It takes the styles from Dashboard on real time.

Custom Blocks issue

As a user, when I was trying to save the custom templates/rows and elements, I am facing the issue. It throws an error on console and not allow the users to create. Only it allows after reload the tool. This issue has been solved in this release.

Editor Fixes

Here are some fixes on the Editor issues,

  • Font size not changing - When the paragraph element changed to list item and selecting the particular words from paragraph and applying font-size doesn’t make any changes on selection.

  • Font family not shows the correct value

  • Text option not visible for the particular words

  • When any one list item removed from the list, it will remove only that list item and remaining list items will be kept as list.

This issues are fixed in this release.

Other Fixes

  • When the user is on Add Drop Zone modal and after add new Drop Zone, instead of OK - user clicked on “Cancel“. By click on Cancel still creates new Drop zone and that was not unable to remove. Now, after user click on + button for adding drop zone by providing name for drop zone and draggable text and closing the modal should close only the name field modal, not the entire Drop zone modal.

  • When the user rename the pages from Loree Modules list on Canvas, it shows the alert as “Updated Successfully” but it doesn’t reflect on pages. This issue has been fixed and released.

  • When the user adding list item and saving the content into Canvas LMS, the prefix indent spacing value removed in canvas and shows mismatched alignment. This issue has been fixed.

Accessibility Checker

Removed title field from image pop-up. The image pop-up requires users to include a title field when adding an image. This title is then added to the image html. The user will be required to include a "title" but it will be added tp area-label.

Loree Interactives

Drag and Drop interactive

Here is the second phase release for ‘Drag and Drop’ interactive items, We have multiple drop zones for the images and add images, deleting the drop zone are available now.





Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy using Loree!!!