Release notes for Loree A2004.6



18th December 2020


Loree Interactives

MCQ Customization enhancement

Multiple-Choice questions now have a variety of customization for Progress bar Font and Backfground options in the MCQ. Users can able to apply Font color, Font-weight, Font Size, Font Family, Font Header, and added validations for the buttons like Button Type, Button alignment, Button padding, Button background-color, Button foreground text colour. Based on the font size and font header the progress bar size is increasing automatically.

Loree Interactive duplication

In Loree interactive, now we can duplicate the interactive. As a user, I should be able to create and duplicate my own interactive. So that I can use my existing content with the same style and by doing only content changes and can use as a different interactive.


Issues fixed in Loree editor

Save as template/block/elements

Category dropdown text wrapping, Background color of the category, and option line-height reduced. These issues are fixed and deployed in this release.

Source Format text issue

Issues fixed based on Source Format block are,

  1. When the user copies the text which contains <div> tag from an external source and paste it inside the Source Format block doesn’t allow the users to edit the text.

  2. When the user copy and paste the external content inside Source Format block more than once continuously, it doesn’t allow the users to perform this action.

  3. When user copies and paste the contents into the list item and adding a link to the first list item, it applies the list on the second item too.

  4. When the user copy and paste contents in text element and selecting the middle sentence to convert as Bold using shortcut key it doesn’t work as expected.

These issues are fixed.

Converting text into the list item

As a user, when I am converting text/headers into a list it should carry the same styles to the newly created list. So, I can use the same style if I need or I can update instead of adding same style again manually. This issue is fixed now.