Release notes for Loree A2004.4



20th November 2020


H5P interactive Integration

Loree 2.0 introduces H5P interactives inside the Loree editor in which you may create different interactives provided by the H5P WordPress provider. Some of the features like Hotspots, Multiple-choice questions, Accordion, etc by the H5P provider. Inside the Loree editor you can create a new H5P interactive, Edit the existing one, or delete the existing one.

H5P under Elements in Loree editor,

Once H5P is clicked, will Load the H5P block

It will fetch the existing H5P interactive based on user-created and action to create new H5P,

Once click 'Create New Interactives', the below pop-up will appear for creating the desired interactive under H5P provider,

You can also Edit the existing H5P block, by clicking 3 dots in the block

By clicking Edit, an alert asks for confirmation

By clicking Edit button in the above alert box, It will fetch and opens the H5P interactive with content,

Click ‘Delete’ in the block will pop-up the below alert box to confirm before deleting,

Progress (Loader) icon while launching Loree

Loree 2.0 introduces loader while launching Loree, Save and Exit the editor, inside custom elements and rows.

While launching Loree from the Course Navigation menu in canvas,

While Modules, Pages, Assignments, or Discussions is clicked,

While Custom Elements, My Elements, and Share Elements fetching,

While Custom Row, My Row, and Shared Row is fetching,

Icon + Heading + Text Block

Loree 2.0 editor introduces the new block for designing good pages easily with the auto formatted block called “Special Elements“ block which will carry “Icon + Text”, “Icon + Heading“, and “Icon + Heading + Text“.

Under Elements, This Special Element will be found,

Loree Admin Dashboard

Special blocks, H5P checkbox

Loree admin dashboard now provides a checkbox for the availability of the features inside the Loree editor based on the access given by the Admins. This is now implemented for both Special blocks and H5P interactives.

Under Custom Blocks → Advanced → Special Blocks,

Under Custom Blocks → H5P,

Loree features management

Loree 2.0 features inside the editor will be fetched based on the turn on and off by the admins in the Loree admin dashboard for the particular roles. The features include Home, Templates, Undo, Redo, Autosave, Preview, Code Properties, Custom Row (Filter | Search), Custom Elements (Filter | Search), Templates (Filter | Search), Save as template, Create a new page, Duplicate page, 1 col, 2 col (50*50), 2 col(60*40), 2 col(40*60), 2 col(70*30), 2 col(30*70), 2 col(80*20), 2 col(20*80), 2 col(90*10), 2 col(10*90), 3 col, 4 col, Save as custom row, Duplicate row, Delete row, Change row, Margin - row, Padding - row, Background color of the row, Row structure, Move row, Save as custom element, copy and paste column, Delete column, Change column, Margin - column, Padding - column, Background color of the column, Move column, Elements, images, videos, alignments, style properties, table, Loree and H5P interactives.

Backend - Performance improvement

Performance improvement on Loree interactive API call

To improve the performance of the Loree editor, when Loree interactive is turned off in the Loree admin dashboard by the Admin, then the API for Loree interactive won’t be called to reduce the API load time and increase the performance of the Loree 2.0 editor.

Issues fixed in Loree editor

Source Format block issues fixed

Source Format block (Copy & Paste) had issues like,

  • When the header is copied and pasted then it will create a new block instead of in the same header. This issue is fixed now, the copy-paste of the header won’t create a new block.

  • Copy-paste content from an external site like lorem ipsum, the styles not working as expected when trying to apply for the whole block. This issue is now resolved, user can apply styles for the whole block.

  • While trying to copy and paste a ‘P' tag inside a 'P’ tag then it should strip-out all the styles and should paste the plain text, this is working as expected and the issue is resolved.

  • When the user copied the text from an external source and pasting it and applying background color for the row, it doesn’t apply the same background for the text, this issue is now resolved in the Loree editor.

  • While copy-paste source from the external source it's not manipulating properly

  • It's adding some space on the right

  • When it comes to the table then it exceeds the current size and the font color was not black after copy and pasted into the editor
    These issues are fixed in the Loree 2.0 editor now.

Unable to clear existing content once saved with Accessibility Checker

As a user, when I am trying to edit existing contents from canvas within Loree editor I can fetch the content. When I validate this page from the accessibility checker, It removes the unwanted styles which are stripped out from the CK editor. The issue is, when I save the content from the Accessibility checker and clear the editor, it doesn't clear the content.

This issue is now resolved and clearing existing canvas content even after checking & saving accessibility is possible and working fine.

Delete interactive issue in My interactive page

When the user deletes the component in the interactive page, the rest of the component serial number is not in order, and When the user deletes the component, the deleted component still available on the page. Both the issues are resolved now in the Loree editor.

Support for keyboard shortcuts (Bold & Italic)

Supporting bold and italic keyboard shortcuts inside the Loree editor was an issue before, Now it is possible to change the text bold and italic with the keyboard shortcuts itself.

Glitch issues and editor content issues

When the user tries to edit the existing content from the canvas page inside the Loree 2.0 editor, faced editor issues. Now, this has been resolved and won’t reflect any glitches or editor content issues.

List issues fix

Styles were removed and not proper when adding a list of items inside <h6> tag, inside <p> tag and selecting the overall and apply the style, then the particular word which has different style is not applying the style. These issues are fixed now and styles will be applied properly.

Header font size not updating on the editor

When the user edits the headers using Loree editor and while changing the header font-size from the text-options, it doesn’t change the size as expected. This issue is now fixed and working as expected in the Loree editor.

Container Block issues fix

Issues like when adding rows inside a container, collapse the design section when the row section is in the open state, Once we remove all the padding inside the container then we can’t able to access the containers design section, We will need a hamburger icon like rows and column to access that, Background color not applied for container block, No option to set margin for the container, When I copy the container and paste it in the column, it's not pasted as expected. These issues are addressed and fixed now in this release of Loree 2.0.

Open sans Font not displayed on the editor

When the open sans font enabled via the Loree admin dashboard, it’s not reflecting in the Loree editor. This issue is fixed and now the open sans font will be working as expected.

Issues fixed while fetching the existing content from Canvas

Issues like applied CSS for the canvas content were not properly fetched inside the Loree editor. This issue is fixed now and working as expected in the Loree 2.0 editor.

Wrap and make the content as responsive within an element section

When the user creating a list item and increasing the font-size it overlapping the elements and the list element exceeding the section. As expected, the List bullets and List content is responsive and it is placed inside the element section, When the longest character words are added by the user, the word should automatically wrap inside the element now.







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