Release notes for Loree A2101.2



29th January 2021


Loree editor

Loree help section

User be able to navigate to user guide from Loree Editor and it will allow the users to Loree Support portal for raise service tickets, be able to view the release notes from help section and check what’s new with the Loree.


Image crop

Loree editor now provides the option of making users own shapes like a circle or square of the image while applying in the page while designing it. It will be the same way by uploading the images, a little step is before adding to the editor, the image will have an Edit Image button on the image itself. By clicking on the Edit image, the user can update the shape of the image.

The image crop is not possible for banner images as the banner image have some other enhancements on the upcoming releases.

Note: For the image crop, a set of CSS properties has to be added in the Canvas themes to get the image crop reflected in Canvas too.

Issue fixed in Loree editor

Style Manager issues

  • Text style issue - When the user inserting new elements inside columns, it fetches the styles from the Dashboard for paragraph and headers. When I validate the styles from Loree, it works fine. But after save the content into Canvas LMS and validate the same, it doesn’t apply the same styles what I see on Loree Editor.
    This issue is now sorted out and working fine in Loree and Canvas.

  • Margin sticky issue - When the user adding a header with paragraph and removing the margin and padding for the paragraph and saving the content, it looks perfect in Loree. But when I validate the same on canvas page it doesn't apply the margin values. Instead, it takes the margin style from canvas instance.
    Now this issue is fixed and all the CSS will fetch from Loree to Canvas for the perfect appearance.

  • Table Center issue - When the user adds table element and set the alignment for the table as center, first it applies centre alignment on the editor and after saving the content it doesn't keep the alignment on the canvas page.
    This issue is fixed now and the table can be made centre which will reflect as expected in Canvas and in Loree.

  • Paragraph to list item conversion issue - When the user applies any font styles on paragraph and convert the text into List item, it doesn’t carry the same style to List.
    This issue is solved now and working as expected in the Loree editor.

  • Spelling issue in Auditability logs in Admin dashboard - When the user applies any font styles on paragraph and convert the text into List item, it doesn’t carry the same style to List.
    This is solved and made perfect for the users.

  • Shortcut keys for users - As a Designer/teacher/admin user, the user should be able to apply bold and italic for text using shortcut keys.
    Now the users can use the shortcut keys for their design.

UI fixes and enhancements

  • Accordion shows some inconsistency in the new row and hide the collapse menu.

  • Custom Elements section highlight issue and wrapping to the next line.

  • Custom Rows highlight accordion issue.

  • Mini-bar is not centre in the custom row accordion.

These above issues are solved and will be good looking for the users without any disturbance.

Loree Interactives

Drag and Drop interactive

Loree interative introduces a new component called “Drag and Drop“ along with other 7 existing components in the Loree interactive. This drag and drop component will help the user to create a drag and drop elements inside the Loree editor and in the Canvas.

Click “Add Image“ button to add an image to the drag and drop element,

click “Add Dropzone“ for a draggable text to be added,

The user can add as many drop zones and can also move the drop zones like in the below images.

In preview the drag and drop zones will be notified

Inside Loree editor,

Inside Canvas,

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