Release notes for Loree A2101.6



26th March 2021



Issue fixed in Loree editor

Alert for Permanent template/row/element delete

As a Loree user, I want to get the acknowledgment pop-up while deleting the template/row/element permanently. So that, before deleting the templates/rows/elements permanently, I can confirm the acknowledgment before deleting it. Previously we don’t get any alert, this issue has been resolved in this release.

Assignments name are shown as "undefined" inside Loree Editor

As a Loree user, When I select an assignment to edit using Loree, the assignment name is displayed as undefined. This issue has been resolved in this release.

Image modal - no results found

As Loree user, When I start Searching on Images using name search and by clearing the name filter after displaying “No Results Found“, Still I can see the same alert after clear the name filter and even when the images are present in the image modal we see no results found message. This issue is fixed now.





Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy using Loree!!!