Release notes for Loree - Canvas A2201.6




04th Mar 2022



Issues Fixed in Loree Editor

Issue Selecting Text With Different Size or Background-color

As a Loree user, When we are editing the text in the Loree editor we are not able to select texts with different background colors or different sizes to edit it.
For Example: In the below content we can see that Marketing and manager are with two different background colors. In this content we are not able to select digital marketing together of manager at Cloud together and also we are not even able to select Marketing manager as both words have different background colors.

This issue is now resolved, Now we are able to select all the text content with different size color or background colors together to edit them in the Loree Editor. We can see the content below has different fonts, sizes, colors, and background colors but we are able to select all the texts together and edit them.


Thank you!!!