Release notes for Loree A2102.3



7th May 2021



Issue fixed in Loree editor

Rich text editor issue

As a Loree user, When I add elements the pop-up text editor sometimes doesn’t disappear after action or sits on top of where you’re trying to type/edit content. This issue has been resolved now.

Table element break issue

As a Loree user, when I select all the tables, text, etc in the editor from the bottom of Add Row and apply a style, the entire table structure is broken. This issue fixed now and multiple elements in table cannot be selected.

Template edit and update

As a loree user, When I edit and update the existing template it was not saved that is the edited version is not updated in the template. This issue has been resolved now.

Color Palatte issue

As a Loree user, When I try to apply background color for any of the row or elements or container, after opening the color picker when the user clicks Cancel button the White color(#FFF) is applied to the element. This issue is fixed now.

As a Loree user, When I add links on text, images via quick links or external links, It should have a option to remove the link. Before we don’t have that now we have added link remove feature to remove the links added to text/images.


As a Loree user, While Applying quick links for empty paragraph/ header elements it makes the page unresponsive. This issue has been resolved now.

3-col enhancement

In Loree, Whenever a user adds three columns it provides the different sizes of three columns.

This feature is now available in Loree.

Adding rows in-between 2 existing rows

As a Loree user, I want to add new rows between the existing rows. so that I can easily add rows and elements between the existing. Before we can’t add rows in between existing rows. Now this has been implemented.

H5P organization Level

As a Loree user, when I create or use H5P elements, they should be fetched and saved based on organisation instead of a user. This feature has been implemented for securing the user data in organization level.

Loree mobile responsive issue

When Loree is opened in Mobile view, While clicking the Mini hamburger icon it shows Admin dashboard option even for Non-admin users. This issue has been resolved now.

UI- Inconsistency

Side navbar - elements

As a Loree user, when I select the elements of Loree, the side element menu should be consistent and uniform all over. Before the sidebar wasn’t consistent and now this issue has been resolved.


Gateway issues- 502,504

As a Loree user while loading interactives in canvas pages it shows 502,503, and 504 gateway issues. This has been resolved now.

Responsive issue -Hotspot component

In Loree interactive Hotspot component, images were not responsive while adding into drop zones. This issue has been resolved now.


Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy using Loree!!!