Release notes for Loree A2102.2



23rd April 2021



Issue fixed in Loree editor

List component issue

As a Loree user, When I’m trying to type the next line, it doesn’t move the cursor on a single Enter and in the header section When I’m trying to type the next line the List component didn’t perform any actions. Also had some problems while selecting text and converting it to list. Now all these issues have been resolved.

Template Add and cancel button issue

In Loree editor, Add and delete button while adding template is considered as HTML code, This has been fixed now and those buttons are not shown inside the editor.

Delete issue on migrated image content

As a Loree user, when I open the existing canvas page into Loree editor I’m unable to delete/duplicate/move the image element. The toolbar was not shown. Now, this is fixed - image elements can be deleted/duplicated/moved in Loree editor.

Mapping Roles

As a Loree user, when I open Loree editor as a teacher/designer or some other role other than Account admin and when the Loree roles and Canvas Loree weren’t mapped on the Loree Admin dashboard then the “EMBED URL” element is only showing on the elements section. This is fixed and now if the roles weren’t mapped No elements are shown in the element section.

Padding issue

As a Loree user, While adding a row into Editor and customize the row by adding additional columns it adds the padding as 20px instead of 10px. This issue is fixed now.

Style issue - Bold/Italics

As a Loree user, When I update the selected content with styles like Bold and Italics it is updated for first time and when I try to change it, that action is not performed. This has been resolved in this release.

Custom element issue

When the Loree user, adds more than one custom element into Editor and cancelling the added one, it removes the previously added custom element. This issue is fixed now.

Additional cells added - Table issue

As a Loree user, When I add new table element from Element section by selecting the table, additional cells, new rows and columns are added to the table.

UI fixes

Side panel - Automatic close issue

When the Loree user, does any action inside the editor the side panel automatically collapse without clicking it manually. This issue has been resolved now.

Image crop modal

When a Loree user tries to crop the Gif element, the animation will not work. That is now shown in the alert.

Front page in Loree Modules page

As in canvas, In the Loree modules page the front page is highlighted. Before this was not implemented. Now the Loree users can see the front page in Loree modules list.

As a Loree user, When I select a text and link it using quick links whenever I want to replace the existing one with new one, before the user is not notified. But now, it shows alert that the text is already linked.


Image crop

As a Loree user, when I crop image to circle and apply background color, then the background color doesn’t apply for the cropped circle instead that piece of left white. This issue has been resolved now.



Special block (icons + text)

As a Loree user, When the special elements are used inside Loree, it should be a combined element and not allow users to remove any individual element either icon or text. This has been resolved now.

Loree interactive

502, 503 Gateway issues

Sometimes, Loree interactives was not loaded properly in canvas showing 502, 503 gateway issues. This has been fixed now.

Search issues

In Loree interactive, While user use search some of the elements where missing before. Now this is fixed and nomore elements will be missing on search.

Responsive issue - Drag and drop component

In Loree interactive Drag and drop component, images were not responsive while adding into drop zones. This issue has been resolved now.



Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy using Loree!!!