External tool(H5P) configuration in Loree

Part 1: Adding Loree as a tool consumer in H5P.com

Step 1: Log in to H5P.com as an admin user with your e-mail address as user name and your password.

Step 2: Go to “Manage Organization”.

Step 3: Go to "Connect LMS".

Step 4: Click on “Add LMS Connection”.

Step 5: Fill in the details and click on “Save”.

  • Select your LMS as “Other”.

  • Fill in "Loree" or something similar in the Connection name field.

  • Choose LTI version as “LTI v1.3”.

Step 6: Note down the data marked in the below picture: (1) Login URL, (2) Redirect URL and (3) Public key.

Part 2: Add H5P.com as an "External tool" in Loree

Step 1: Launch Loree with Admin access. Click on “Admin”.

Step 2: Go to Configure.


Step 3: Click on “External Tools' tab.

Step 4: Click on “Add External Tool”.

Step 5: Pick your Tool Type as “Other” and click on “Add”.

Step 6: A new section will be created to add your external tool details. Click on it to expand the section.

Step 7: Fill in the details and click on “Save”.

  • Fill in "H5P" or something similar in the Tool Name field.

  • Issuer Url → https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool.

  • OIDC Url → Paste the Login url noted in Part 1 → Step 6.

  • Redirect Url → Paste the Redirect url noted in Part 1 → Step 6.

  • Target Link Url  → Same as “Redirect Url”.

  • JWKS Url → Paste the Public key noted in Part 1 → Step 6.

  • Domain Name  → Fill in domain of your H5P account. Example: https://limon.h5p.com.

Step 8: Upon clicking on “Save”, you will be getting Client ID and Deployment ID.
Note down the (1) Client ID and (2) Deployment ID.

Part 3: Continuing Part 1(Go to your H5P.com)

Step 1: Click on “Connection settings”.

Step 2: Fill in the details and click on “Save”.

Client ID → Paste the Client ID noted in Part2 → Step 8.

Issuer Url → https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool.

Login URL→https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool/authorize_redirect.

Token URL → https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool.

Key Set URL → https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/tool/jwks.

Step 3: Click on “New deployment”.

Step 4: Paste the Deployment ID noted in Part 2 → Step 8 and click on “Save”.

Part 4: Make sure that it works

Step 1: Launch Loree Editor and click on “+(Add element)” inside a column.

Step 2: Click on “External Tools” then click on “H5P” to launch the H5P in Loree editor.

Step 3: After successful launch, you can insert H5P contents inside Loree editor by clicking on “Insert”.


Thank you for your patience