Loree - Blackboard Installation guide



This document refers to the steps on how to configure Loree on Blackboard LMS.

Steps to integrate LTI1.3 in Blackboard

Step 1: Register Application in developer platform.

Step 2: In the Admin account, save the registered LTI through Register LTI1.3 /Advantage tool.

Step 3: Create placement through the Manage Placement option

Step 4: Create Rest API key

Registration of Loree Application in dev portal

Enter the Login Initiation and Tool Redirect URL as below format:

Application Name - Loree

Description - Loree for Course Build

Domain(s) - Loree

Enable My Integration supports LTI 1.3 and Enter the following details

Login Initiation URL - https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/launch

Tool Redirect URL - https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/auth

Tool JWKS URL - https://developer.blackboard.com/api/v1/management/applications/466ec0bb-3631-46f4-89de-bbba79b56bcd/jwks.json (This is the sample ID and have to be replaced by the generated Public keyset URL in the next step)
After entering the details, Select Register application and generate API Key


After Completing registered the application, there some ID and secrets will be returned. They all are one-time ID.
Again we can’t see those secrets. So, have to copy those data for future reference.
Here is the Sample data returned in the response,

Issuer - https://blackboard.com
Public Keyset URL - https://developer.blackboard.com/api/v1/management/applications/XXXXXXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX/jwks.json (Copy the generated Public Keyset URL and replace the Tool JWKS URL in the previous step)
Auth token endpoint - https://developer.blackboard.com/api/v1/gateway/oauth2/jwttoken
OIDC auth request endpoint - https://developer.blackboard.com/api/v1/gateway/oidcauth
Tool private key - -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- MIIEvQIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAASCBKcwggSjAgEAAoIBAQCgLQ0dGK1rOuPk 7z/OE0hXm8dkF2zY0umSNDvYYOLkAlvzjiZYu8Nhs+HOeypPrjK5e5KZzx/Fur5P sEQYAaEBHotKAYMlicr211ObvBjaM/Ec4xFiFcdrrk4dOy+gKqjI3hOTdgJjHmRa 3Wf5FuetkXy1D25MZkUetEjT8QN9viaruyZzy73Z6hU8fN8d74WS9dR6X6xn3OZ1 wDiymLAHjCefGGmNnLhI2fiSC3wGZ8ro+SPHTOSA9XgSxbaXwgSLnaOUwePbS0u5 zLtwt85s62zsRaWEeuWKBZ0hGzsNU48iFBWmQroTPtQLkUG3SUuqKDxeJyyiD1Lf mr4TEk9dAgMBAAECggEAS4z0YoUBR1K/q3wt3EW8GZagtdVWwe65vPxmPel1G5cB SCAEdlYaEjuGhp4RlwPTaSmgPGw10E4E9hFuDOS3zI9bo8ySz2HvGf72sL5H+qQF ……….

Please make a copy of all these values and share them with our Loree team.

The Application ID generated like above is the main one we used inside the Blackboard Admin account.


Registration of Loree Application in Blackboard admin account

Below are the Steps to register Loree in Blackboard :

Step 1: In Admin select LTI tool Providers Option under the Integrations.
Step 2: Select Register LTI1.3/Advantage Tool Option as in below Screenshot.

Step 3: The next step is to fill the form in it. Client ID = Application ID (while we register the application in developer portal, we get the application ID)


After entering the Client ID click Submit.

Step 4: Once we apply the application ID in the client ID, it automatically render the registered application.

Note: Copy the Deployment ID and share that with Loree team



Please enter the options below:

Tool Status - Approved

Tool Provider Custom Parameters - Please enter the following values


User Fields to send - enable all

Allow grade service - Yes

Allow Membership service access - Yes
then Submit the form.




Step 5: After the submission, we can see the Loree LTI in the list of LTI’s.

Loree LTI Placement

Step 1: By clicking the down arrow on the right side of the LTI name, we can see the option as Manage Placement.

Step 2: From the Manage Placements option, we can assign the tool placement.






Please enter the details as below for the placement information:

Label Name - Loree

Description - some message about the placement

Handle - Give some unique name

Type - Course tool (without student access)

Target URI - https://loreev2.crystaldelta.net/lti/auth

Step 3: After submitting the placement, we can see the page to be like in below screenshot.


Step 4: In Courses (Under Course Tool, we can see the Loree LTI tool)

Create API key for Oauth Process:

Step 1: In Administration Panel, Select Rest API Integrations and then select Create Integration

Step 2: In Create Integration, Please submit the form with the Application ID.
Application ID = Application ID generated while registering the application in the developer portal
Set Authorised to Act As a user to Yes

Step 3: After updating with correct inputs, submit the form


The submission allows the Application Key and secret to generate the access token.

Disable Loree tool in course tools by default in all courses:

By default, we can switch off our tool for all courses.

Steps to switch off the tool :

Step 1: Go to the BB admin dashboard.
Step 2: Choose Tools under Tools and utilities.

Step 3: Then choose your installed tool. You can switch off your tool default by the availability button.
If you switch off the button it is not visible to courses.

Step 4: Switch on the Tool.
We can switch on the tool based on course-wise. Go to the particular course.

Step 5: In that selected course we have an option for customization under course management. Under customization, we have an option called Tool availability.

Step 6: After clicking the tool availability option, it will list the all tools, we have to switch on the tool that we want.

After that, it is available in our course tools.




Thank you for your patience

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