Loree - Blackboard Mid release

Mid-Release A2104.4.2 for Loree 2.0 begins rolling out Dec 07, 2021

Adding links on elements not responsive on link preview and tool width is exceeds with blank white space
As a Loree user, When i add 5 col and the image with link, the link preview is not responsive and the tool also creates empty blank space. Now this issue is fixed, link preview is working fine and the tool doesn’t creates empty space.


Handle the web links from Content Area on Loree Landing page
As a Loree user, Blackboard allows the users to create/add a new content area section using a weblink/course link with a specified name. After the link has been created and opens the course in Loree editor, the Landing page content area URL is broken and it doesn't handle the linked Content Area.
We have to identify the relevant API to handle the linked content areas to Loree’s Landing page. Now, this issue is fixed, Icons and text is properly rendered inside Loree editor similar to BB landing page.
Also the same will be reflected inside Editor page name section.

BB-Split BB and D2L themes URL
As a Loree User, The themes for BB and D2L in parallel should be separated with the refinement. Now this issue is fixed, The CSS and js files are changed with a new URL updated with the code, The new URL updated with the code are

https://alt-60189327d4180.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/library/Library Content/js/Loree.js

https://alt-60189327d4180.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/library/Library Content/css/Loree.css

BB-Table border and caption style mismatch between Loree and BB pages
As a Loree user, In BB pages border on a table cell and table caption, both styles were mismatched. Now, this issue is resolved, both table cell and caption are matched in loree and in pages.

BB - While trying to upload an image with a higher file size like 5mb then we are broken image on the screen.
As a Course Designer, when we upload an image with higher file size in BB, Broken image is getting added to the page. Now this issue is fixed, The course designer should not able to select images that are more than 5 MB from their local machine (more than 5MB images should be greyed out and not selectable) and the images which has 5MB image is uploaded with warning, for less than 5 MB Image is uploaded

Field validation should be added on landing page for blackboard
As a Loree user, Adding content area field should not allow empty space key as valid input. Now this issue is fixed, When text is not added and if only space is added, the add option is in disable state. When we add the text the add option is enabled.