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08th November 2020


Table of Contents

Accessibility Checker

Loree 2.0 has an “Accessibility Checker“ for identifying the issues with the set of rules like error, warning, or tips and making the users more prompt with screen visibility. Accessibility checker covers Alt Text for Images (except decorative images), Video title (captions need to cover), Headers on pages, Element ID on pages, Table headers, Colour contrast and yet to implement Resize Text.

Container Block

Loree 2.0 introduces “Container Block“ under Elements to create a block based on the need and wish. We can customize the colour of the fonts, background and change alignments for the container up to the design of the page.

Source Format Block

Loree 2.0 provides users with “Source Format” blocks otherwise call Copy and Paste block. Here user can copy and paste the content from anywhere and the block won’t sacrifice the styles like color, fonts size, font style, etc inside Loree editor. Also, the user can change/update style like spacing, font size, color, alignment and add quick links, etc in Loree editor.

Enhancements on Migration Content

Loree 2.0 editor provides the user an amazing content from Canvas. Whether it is designed in Loree 1.0 editor or some others means in Canvas, the content will be fetched with all the styles, alignments, and without sacrificing any content.

In Canvas,

In Loree editor,

Unsharing of Templates, Custom rows, and Custom elements

Sharing templates, custom rows, or elements are creating and sharing them to various departments within an organization. The admin can declare that only certain departments from an organization have access to a custom row. For example, a school may only want a custom row to be seen by the Science and Math department, therefore only making the particular custom row in question available for Science and Math departments Loree users.

So When the user unchecks the checkbox and clicks the share button then it will remove the shared templates from the unchecked departments.

Google analytics for both Loree interactive and Loree editor

Integrated “Google Analytics” for Loree 2.0 and Loree interactive to dive deeper into securing users data, report based on user usage, and track users in Loree and Loree interactive. Data and reports are only for business purposes and will be secured.

UI inconsistency on spacing in the navigation menu, category dropdown, uploading bar, etc

Loree 2.0 editor made enhancements for overall consistent UI for all elements, features, menu, and dropdown of the category list, templates, custom rows, spacing between elements inside properties, word wrap inside a dropdown, Quick link menu alignment, category goes beyond a line it will wrap to next newline.

Quick link menu alignment,

Border color enhanced for more identifiable,

The sentence will wrap to the next line if it exceeds,

Image RemovedImage Added

Line height managed for good appearance,

Template section UI improved for good visibility,

Image RemovedImage Added

Category section will wrap word,

Loree Interactives

Loree 2.0 editor provides the user with Loree interactives, user can create, update and delete interactives inside Loree editor itself. Issues like active borders on interactives, Close button was not working on the Edit button and fetching a new interactive when clicking Create interactive option.

Creating new interactive and filter and search existing interactives,

Image Added

Once clicked “Create New interactives“,

Image Added

Once any of the interactive is selected to create new,

Image Added

Click on the three-do in the top corner to Edit or Delete interactive,

Image Added

Once Edit is clicked,

Image Added

Edit will fetch interactive content,

Image Added

Backend - Performance improvement

To improve the performance of Loree 2.0 editor, the API call of the templates when user navigating into template section, custom rows, and custom elements when user navigating into Rows and Elements section and Quick links API calls are making on-demand which means, only when the API is needed and requested. This will improve the performance of the tool, reduce the loading time, and make the user feels faster the tool to fetch, save, and update.

Image cache

In Loree 2.0 editor, While uploading an image Loree editor should cache the image list so that it won't load every time and improve the performance of the editor.

Image RemovedImage Added

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