Release notes for Loree Blackboard A2203.2



19th July 2022



Issues around Loree Interactive content loading

As a Loree user, When we are working on Loree editor and click on edit Loree interactive from side panel (or) Edit interactive from editor area using tool menu (or) edit any existing interactives using My interactives section from Loree interactive modal. We can see the form takes a couple of seconds to load to retrieve the data, When the data is loading in the mmeantime, we are able to click on the preview option, and we can also click on input fields to provide values even before the contents retrieved.

This is causing an issue (shows an error message on all input fields when we click on the preview button).

This issue is now resolved, Now when we try to edit an interactive, all the edit interactives page is loaded and then opened with all the details already filled in it, So we cannot edit or click on the preview option before the data is retrieved.

Updated Image Sorting in Image Modal

We have updated the Image Modal for sorting Images while adding an image to a page. While using Image modal when we click the Image option we get a menu to select an image where we can find two options course images and Loree images and we also have an option to search by name and sorting option. There are three sorting options in the dropdown named as Recent, Ascending and Descending. If we are adding an image from the course image and we are sorting in ascending order, then the names of will image will be reflected in Ascending order and this sorting option will be saved for course Images and next time when we are using Course images it will reflect the names of the images in Ascending order as default. Similarly when we select the sorting as Descending order, then names it will reflect in Desceding order and next time when we are adding an image it will be reflected in Descending order.

Unable to make templates and rows as Global

As a Loree Admin user, When we click on the admin dashboard in the Loree editor. Then click on Custom Blocks. Customs, Custom Rows and Custom Elements. When we try to make Custom Elements global we are able to make them global but when we try to make Custom Blocks and Custom Rows Global it is not getting changed to global and the editor is stuck on Loading screen that says Changing to Global and we are not able to perform any other action until we click on cancel.

This issue is now resolved, Now we are able to change Custom Blocks and Custom Rows to Global and Loader will be closed after the successful change of Custom Blocks and Custom Rows to Global.

Padding and Text color customisation for Flip cards

We have updated the Flipcard interactive, we now have the ability to add padding for front and back cards based on our requirements, so that we can customise the cards and their spaces around it. Card front and card back will now have padding properties in the customisation. No extra space like padding or margin will be added to the cards. Text color and Background color can be added separately for the card front and card back, and the border shape, size color, and style can be updated separately.

Thank you!!!